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ResultsPlus Direct for students

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ResultsPlus Direct 2.0 is a free online service that gives you detailed reports on how you performed in your Edexcel exams. You can use this service to see:

  • All your Edexcel results and exam papers in one place
  • A question-by-question breakdown of your performance
  • How your performance compares with that of Edexcel students across the country
  • Reports called ‘skills maps’ that help you link your performance back to topics
  • Mock exam reports (for mock papers marked by your teacher).

Who can access ResultsPlus Direct 2.0?

Your exams officer can tell you whether your school or college has opted to give you access to your results and analysis via ResultsPlus Direct. If they’ve not opted in, you will still be able to collect your results from your school or college in the normal way.

If your school or college is opted into ResultsPlus Direct, then during summer 2013 you would have received registration details in one of the following ways:

  1. A printed 'PIN slip' from your exams officer or teacher
  2.  An account verification code or URL from your exams officer or teacher
  3. A welcome email directly into the inbox of your email account.

If you did receive ResultsPlus Direct registration details during summer 2013, you can find support information with accessing and using your account on our Student FAQs page.

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