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ResultsPlus Direct


What is ResultsPlus Direct?

ResultsPlus Direct is a free service that allows your students to view their Edexcel grades online on all results days, including August.
The service offers FOUR big enhancements;

• greater detail, with question-by-question analysis, highlight reports and skills maps for each student

• accessible and optimised for all devices

• a lifetime account allowing students to view results from more than one series

• mock exam reports to support teachers setting past paper mocks

How would this help my colleagues and their students?

These reports help students gain a deeper understanding of a subject and identify topics or skills which may require more focus as part of future learning. Results will update automatically each Results Day (not just for August) and whenever new scores from Edexcel mock papers are entered.

What happened to the PIN slip service?

The PIN slip service has now been discontinued therefore the ‘Opt in’ or ‘Opt out’ process via Edexcel Online is no longer relevant. If you still want you students to gain access to their results please register them.

How do I register my students?

Exams officers can register students by uploading their details using the ‘ResultsPlus Administration’ option within ResultsPlus. To get started please refer to our quick start guide on the right. Please note you need to be the exams officer to complete this process and at this time only the ‘import’ option is available.

Results Day Restrictions

Students will not be able to log onto ResultsPlus Direct until 09.00am on all results days. During August results days (from the summer exams series) students will be able to view their results but cannot access in-depth question data until the following day.

How do you edit account details for this year’s cohort and unlock student accounts?
How do you register students for access to ResultsPlus Direct in 2014?
Using registration PIN slips