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Always Learning
Skilled for Life | SelfSmart

We’ve teamed up with ClearAims to offer you SelfSmart – an online behavioural diagnostic tool which helps identify issues around attitude and behaviour, which may be barriers to employment. The areas covered include:

  • coping with stress
  • self-awareness
  • confidence
  • motivations
  • interactions with others.

SelfSmart provides you with:

  • Online diagnostics, profiling and self-development tools that identify and may help to address barriers to progress for learners
  • Facility to map the progress of all learners and groups of learners throughout their journey into/through education, employment or training (incorporating graphs and individual reports)
  • Easy-to-view profile-dashboard designed to help learners recognise their strengths and highlights areas where they can improve
  • A suite of development plans and personal improvement strategies - designed to prepare learners for employment: changing attitudes and behaviours and building self-confidence and self-management.

SelfSmart is also touchscreen-enabled to allow access on standard PCs, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

How to purchase SelfSmart

There are currently two ways in which SelfSmart can be purchased and we've put together a pricing guide for you.



Walkthrough documents are available to help learners, delivery staff and management staff to access the resource and learn more about the product:

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