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ESOL | ESOL (Skills for Life)

Learners who struggle with communicating in English are unlikely to be able to achieve their true potential in their studies or at work. By improving their English skills, these learners stand a much better chance of progressing. Edexcel ESOL (Skills for Life) allows you to build the confidence of your students to progress into employment and further study.

  • Flexible progression system means students can learn at their own rate and are assessed when they are ready, gaining certification as units are completed
  • Internal assessment means greater control for tutors
  • Learners build a firm foundation for other qualifications and the workplace
  • A great value qualification for your ESOL learners

Edexcel ESOL (Skills for Life) is available at:

Edexcel ESOL Reading Level 1 and 2 Specification and Sample Assessment Materials

View practice tests and related documents for Entry 1-3 or Levels 1 and 2, including guidance and mark schemes.

Edexcel ESOL speaking and listening standardisation material is also available for you to use. The Skills for Life team has put together a small sample of recordings using practice tests, sets 1 and 2. Each recording can be played while you consider the assessed paper, its mark scheme and the Lead Verifier's commentary.

All of our Edexcel ESOL qualifications are designed to assess the learning set out in the ESOL Core Curriculum. The online version of this is available via the Excellence Gateway.

ESOL tests

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