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Jamie's Home Cooking Skills

“Six years ago, backed by the 271,000 parents and teachers who had signed the petition, I took my manifesto to Downing Street and asked for the government to make cooking and life skills compulsory for all kids. We need to make sure that all kids are given the opportunity to learn about food and good eating habits while they’re still young, so that they’re sorted for life.

"Together with Pearson, I’ve put together the Home Cooking Skills Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications, which I believe could be the start of the solution. It’s an easy-to-teach course that will help your students develop the knowledge and essential skills required to cook simple, nutritious and affordable food at home.”
Jamie Oliver (May 2010)

A wealth of resources from Jamie Oliver

Jamie's put together his own site to help support this qualification at This has all the support resources you need, including illustrated recipes and videos.

To help you get started, all the recipes, factsheets, activities and skills videos have been divided into categories to match the topics suggested in the specification, according to the qualification level. Simply click on the index tab to navigate the resources.

Below are Word versions of our Home Cooking Skills learner record sheets:

 Home Cooking Skills learner record sheet - Level 1

 Home Cooking Skills learner record sheet - Level 1 - Welsh translation

 Home Cooking Skills learner record sheet - Level 2

 Home Cooking Skills learner record sheet - Level 2 - Welsh translation

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