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Always Learning
Project Qualification | Level 3

Edexcel Level 3 Extended Project

Edexcel Level 3 Extended Projects support students with the transition to higher education or into the world of work. They provide opportunities for the development of critical, reflective, problem-solving and independent learning skills through the planning, research and evaluation of a self-selected project.

Throughout their in-depth study, students will develop and apply skills creatively, resulting in one of the four following project outcomes:

The Edexcel Extended Project is graded A* to E and requires 120 Guided Learning Hours. You can use a variety of different delivery approaches to teach the Extended Project Qualification.
For more information on how to start teaching the Project in your school, visit our Getting started section.

UCAS points/ GCE (A level) equivalence

In terms of their UCAS points status, Edexcel Level 3 Projects are worth half a GCE (A level).

Grade  UCAS points  Equivalence 
A*  70   
60  0.5 GCE A level at grade A 
50  0.5 GCE A level at grade B  
40  0.5 GCE A level at grade C  
30  0.5 GCE A level at grade D  
20  0.5 GCE A level at grade E  

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