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Edexcel Mathematics Awards

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 Edexcel Mathematics Awards   

The Edexcel Mathematics Awards are a suite of small (60-70 GLH per level), stand-alone qualifications designed to help students develop and demonstrate proficiency in different areas of mathematics. By focusing on understanding key concepts and techniques, students can build their mathematical confidence and fluency.

The knowledge and skills gained can then be applied to a variety of contexts and problems in mathematics, as well as a range of other subjects, to gain GCSE, International GCSE, Level 1/Level 2 Certificate and GCE qualifications.

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Why offer these Awards?

  • They can be used to help students prepare for and progress to GCSE and GCE Mathematics.
  • They can help to build student confidence and motivation in mathematics.
  • They can be used to help your students build the proficiency in mathematical topics that's required for further study in other subject areas, for the workplace, or for training.

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