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International GCSE from 2011 | Science (Double Award)
This Edexcel International GCSE from 2011 Science (Double Award) specification has replaced the 2009 specification. The paper offered in January 2013 will be the last paper compatible with the 2009 specification. From June 2013, only the 2011 specification will be assessed. 
For question papers and other materials for the legacy specification, please see the Edexcel International GCSE from 2009 page for this subject.  

Our Edexcel International GCSE in Science (Double Award) aims to impart a systematic body of scientific knowledge and facts, and an understanding of scientific concepts, principles, themes and patterns. Students will develop experimental skills based on correct and safe laboratory techniques, and will learn to form hypotheses and design experiments to test them. This single-tier qualification is suitable for delivery in schools and colleges and is assessed via three papers – one each from chemistry, biology and physics. Students are awarded two Edexcel International GCSE grades from A* to G. Read more about the Edexcel International GCSE in Science (Double Award).

Edexcel International GCSE specifications are not approved for use in UK state schools. 


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