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The Edexcel Certificate  | Sciences
 The Edexcel Certificate in Sciences

The Edexcel Certificate in Sciences is a single-tier qualification, equally suitable for teaching by schools, colleges or private tutors, and is assessed through terminal examinations and graded from G to A* for the following:

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Helping you deliver science at Key Stage 4

The Edexcel Certificate in Sciences gives you more options for your learners and the opportunity to take a fresh look at your Key Stage 4 science courses. Schools taking the existing International GCSE courses, on which the Certificate is based, have enjoyed a return to teaching science in a more traditional way. There is emphasis on:

  • core scientific knowledge and the freedom to use practical time to explore science rather than coursework tasks
  • providing the necessary preparation required for progression to A levels in science.

Support and training

Our team of science experts and advisors is here to make sure you have all the help and advice you need. You can get in touch by phone or email:

The Edexcel Certificate in Sciences

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