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GCSE from 2009 | Music

Why choose Edexcel?

Our 2012 linear Music GCSE continues the philosophy of the 2009 modular specification, so you will be familiar with the feel of it. It is flexible and encourages the use of diverse approaches in teaching music, which will appeal to students. Offering a broad range of areas of study, the GCSE in Music will widen students’ engagement with the subject as a whole.

Key features of our GCSE from 2012 in Music:

• The set works will remain in place throughout the life of the specification – so there’s no need to keep buying new resources

• It allows the use of music technology in performance and as a compositional tool, which exposes students to new ways of making music

• It is good preparation for further musical study and provides a foundation for the Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Music and Music Technology

• It encourages students to evaluate their own and others’ music

• It encourages students to become effective and independent learners and critical and reflective thinkers

• Separate assessments for performance, composing and listening/appraising ease the pressure on students

• Reduced written work and an emphasis on practical ability means students will get a realistic feel for being a musician.

Read the QCA subject criteria for Music here.

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