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GCSE from 2009 | Textiles Technology
GCSE 2012 reforms: impact on Textiles Technology specification

 Textiles Technology  

In September 2012, GCSEs went linear. Please make sure that you're now teaching the current GCSE 2012 linear specification.
You can download the GCSE 2009 modular Design and Technology -Textiles specification below. It had a final assessment window of June 2013.

You can also download the GCSE 2012 linear Design and Technology - Textiles specification (for two-year courses) below. The main changes are:

  • no content change to the specification

  • linear assessment structure: all units are taken at the end of the course

  • controlled assessment: you can prepare for the controlled assessment at any time after the task has been released. Make sure you're using the correct task and submit your assessment at the end of the course.

Read more about the GCSE 2012 reforms

expand GCSE 2012 specification: Accreditation update

We have received accreditation from Ofqual for the GCSE 2012 linear specification for this subject. The specification is available to download from the documents list below.
The bullet points above summarise the key areas of change from the modular specification, and are subject to Ofqual's accreditation of our revised GCSE specifications. Full details of the changes will be marked in the specification with sidebars.

expand Guidance on documents

We're in the process of reviewing all the documents available on this page and will be labelling them 'Approved for GCSE 2009 modular', 'Approved for GCSE 2012 linear' or 'Approved for GCSE 2009 modular and GCSE 2012 linear', as appropriate. We'll be making these updates over the coming weeks to help support you through this transition.

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