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GCSE from 2009 | Drama
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Edexcel’s resources for the GCSE 2009 specification
  • Three DVDs with over four hours of footage covering all three units, to help improve students' skills in practical and performance work
  • Unit 1 and Unit 2 clips show approaches to practical workshops and the use of the Programme of Study
  • Unit 3 clips show a variety of approaches and levels for performance work, linked to the assessment criteria.

DVD 1: Improve workshop skills for Units 1 and 2

  • Includes 20 clips with approaches to exploration for Unit 1 and Unit 2
  • Helps students understand what a practical exploration is at the beginning of the course
  • Shows how the Programme of Study is integrated into the units, so students understand how they will work on the topic, theme, issue or play text
  • Demonstrates different levels of practical contribution, with commentary

DVD 2: Improve performance skills for Unit 3

  • Includes 20 clips from Unit 3 performances
  • Clips show clearly-focused and less-focused performances with commentary linked to the assessment criteria
  • Short clips linked to full performances on DVD 3 develop students' understanding of content, form and style

DVD 3: Prepare students for Unit 3 performance

  • Includes four full Unit 3 performances
  • Exemplifies both scripted and devised drama performances
  • Helps students get to grips with the exam requirements through evaluation of complete performances
  • Develops a fuller appreciation of form and style through complete performances


Edexcel’s resources for the 2009 GCSE Drama specification
Focussed to the GCSE 2009 specification, this Student Book is written to ensure you have all the support needed to deliver the specification with confidence.
  • Provides a clear outline of what students can do, how thay are assessed and what is important for improving student learning in each unit. 
  • Develops students' practical use of the explorative strategies, drama medium and elements of drama in the Programme of Study which underpins the whole course.
  • Deepens students' approaches to exploration of drama in Unit 1 and play texts in Unit 2 with ten sample explorations that include a variety of practical activities and questions to help you evaluate.
  • Guides students through the process of performance or performance support in Unit 3, and how to improve learning.
  • Supports students' documentary responses to practical drama work and to a live performance, and provides a clear glossary to help them use drama terminology appropriately.
  • Offers practical guidance including tips and 'Examzone'.




Edexcel’s resources for the 2009 GCSE Drama specification

Full support to help you plan and deliver the specification
  • Supports your planning with guidance on routes through the course and approaches to each unit and the Programme of Study
  • Supports your teaching of each unit, including guidance and ten schemes of work that complement the Student Book and can be adapted for use with your centre and students 
  • Provides guidance on assessment for each unit, including clear overviews and examples of documentary response and response to live performance, with comments. 


Showing 1 - 3 of 3 results Results page 1

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