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GCSE from 2011
Science - Controlled Assessment

Controlled assessment

We provide clear and manageable controlled assessments to ensure that all practical work is achievable. 

We’ve designed the controlled assessment and theory content to ensure that the controlled assessment is:

  • easy to plan
  • straightforward to mark
  • structured to help test students’ actual investigative skills
  • based on students’ own practical work and collection of secondary evidence – as required by Ofqual’s subject criteria.

*Please note that when marking workbook answers:

  • No reduction in marks will result from using the workbook
  • This workbook is generic. For Edexcel GCSE in Science, candidates can write in the hypothesis to be tested, although no marks are awarded
  • Ensure that you mark the equipment choices to the appropriate mark scheme. The number of marks is different for Edexcel GCSE in Science and the other qualifications in the suite
  • Candidates will sometimes write down answers in the wrong section. Where this happens, you may award the mark and should annotate the script to show that you have done this.

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