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Always Learning
BTEC Firsts from 2012 and 2013 | Applied Science

Introducing next generation BTEC Firsts in Applied Science for level 2 learners

Download all the curriculum and support materials to deliver BTEC Firsts in Applied Science including specifications and authorised assignment briefs, as well as information on the new quality assurance model and externally assessed units.

BTEC Firsts in Applied Science from 2012 - Specification

New & updated support materials now available - including authorised assignment briefs, sample marked learner work and schemes of work. Download from the documents box below.

Your step-by-step Support Guide

Watch our interactive step-by-step guide for BTEC Firsts – see the support you need to plan, get ready to teach and prepare for assessment at a glance.

Results QuickFinder: overview of Results support for BTEC Firsts in Applied Science

Updated Authorised Assignment Briefs for BTEC Firsts in Applied Science
Over the past few months, we've been working closely with schools and colleges delivering our next generation BTEC Firsts in Applied Science to ensure that you have all the support you need to deliver these new qualifications to the highest standards. In response to your feedback, we have created new, revised versions of the Authorised Assignment Briefs for Units 2-4 and 5-7, which are now available for you to download below.

What if my learners have already started an assignment using the previous Assignment Brief template?
If you already have learners working on an assignment using the previous template, they should carry on as the briefs will have been through the internal verification process and are still fit for purpose.

Which version of the Assignment Briefs should I use from now on?
You should use the revised brief where you choose to use a Pearson Authorised Assignment Brief.

Next steps
We will be contacting all schools and colleges delivering next generation BTEC Firsts (NQF) in Applied Science to ensure everyone in your BTEC teaching teams is aware of this change. If you need any further help or support with assignments and assignment briefs, please contact either your Subject Advisor or your Regional Quality Manager.

Please note:
Following updated safety advice nickel(II) sulfate has been removed from the practical task 'How fast is your reaction - part 3' in the Authorised Assignment for Unit 2 Learning Aim C.

Mapping documents 
To help with assignment task writing as well as assignment assessing, tables mapping the specification unit content against assessment criteria and assessment guidance for the six internally assessed units 2 - 7 can be found under the Mapping documents link below. 

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