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Always Learning

Our Edexcel DiDA suite of qualifications is unique in its scope, philosophy and delivery methods, promoting the creative use of digital applications. Its real-life, outcome-driven approach inspires and challenges learners to demonstrate what they know and are able to do in authentic contexts.

New for 2012

Find out more about CiDA from 2012

has now been accredited by Ofqual for first teaching from the 1st October 2012. The new Edexcel CiDA (120 GLH) has been refocused around creative computing, and includes content on creative multimedia, website and computer game development. Learn more about this exciting new qualification.

For schools in England, the existing Edexcel CiDA, Edexcel CiDA+ and Edexcel DiDA qualifications continue to be recognised as one of the five subjects needed for headline performance measures (5A* to C) in 2014 (for Year 11 learners finishing in September 2014). This means that you can continue to offer this current course to a final 2-year cohort of students, beginning in September 2012.

Next generation Edexcel CiDA (120 GLH) will count towards headline performance measures in 2015. The qualification has not been included on the 2014 list. Visit our School Performance Tables page for the complete breakdown of the DfE’s list.

Centres in Wales and Northern Ireland

Schools and colleges in Wales and Northern Ireland may continue to deliver the existing Edexcel AiDA, Edexcel CiDA and Edexcel DiDA qualifications from September 2012 and qualify for the same GCSE equivalence in performance measures as before (Edexcel AiDA equivalent to 1 GCSE, Edexcel CiDA equivalent to 2 GCSEs, Edexcel DiDA equivalent to 4 GCSEs).
A new set of SPBs are available for Edexcel DiDA from September 2012.

Key dates

22 April 2014
High late fees may be charged from this date
Examination Series: June 2014
15 May 2014
Final date for submission of centre marks and moderation samples for units D101, D201, D102 and D202 (unaccredited units) Final date for submission of centre marks and moderation samples for units DA202, DA203, DA204
Examination Series: June 2014
31 May 2014
DiDA: Date by which certificates will be released
Examination Series: January 2014

7 January 2013
These workshops are designed for teachers who would like to get ready to teach the new CiDA 2012 qualification.
8 June 2012
Continuing with DiDA from September 2012
1 December 2011
Coming soon: New DiDA and CiDA qualifications

The Moderator's Toolkit

DiDA training events

History research panel

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