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 Question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports 

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Teachers - For exam materials after June 2013, visit the individual Qualification pages and log in to Edexcel Online to access them.

Please note that, since July 2013, Pearson no longer supplies hard copies of these documents.

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Exam session Access for teachers
Summer 2007 and earlier These are no longer available.
Winter 2007/08 to summer 2013 Teachers and students can access these now by using our brand new Past Paper Search.
Winter 2013/14 Teachers only can view and access these materials by visiting individual Qualification pages and logging in to Edexcel Online.

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expand Availability of November 2013 question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports

You can download these either from the search facility below or from the individual qualification pages of the website. You will first need to sign in to Edexcel Online.

  • Question papers are available from 19 November 2013
  • Mark schemes are available from 29 November 2013
  • Examiner reports are available from 14 January 2014.
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