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 Edexcel Online 

Edexcel Online is an invaluable service for administrators, providing support at every stage of the qualification cycle – from approval through to registration and entry, reporting of achievement and results, and post-results services.

It also gives teaching staff access to services including Online Support for Centre Assessors (OSCA) and online booking for training. Your Edexcel Online username and password will also give you access to our ResultsPlus service, secure content on the main Edexcel website and other Pearson online services.

expand Registering for Edexcel Online

To use Edexcel Online, you’ll need to be set up with an account to get a username and password.

If your centre is already registered for Edexcel Online, you should contact your Edexcel Online administrator and ask them to create a user account for you. If you do not know who the main Edexcel Online account holder is at your centre, please contact your examinations officer or head of centre initially, before contacting us.

You'll need a unique and valid email address, as this will become your Edexcel Online username.

Please contact us if your centre is not already set up on Edexcel Online.

expand Your Edexcel Online password

When you log in to Edexcel Online, you’ll be given the opportunity to change your password to something that you find easier to remember. To do so, click on the ‘Change password’ button on the main login screen.
Please keep your password secure to prevent unauthorised access to Edexcel Online. The Data Protection Act covers the candidate information held on the site, and responsibility for preventing misuse of an Edexcel Online account lies with the account holder.
If you forget your Edexcel Online password, you can ask us to send you a new one. To do so, go to the main login page, click on the ‘Forgotten your password?’ link and follow the instructions on the subsequent page.
If you supply incorrect login details three times in a row, your Edexcel Online account will be locked for one hour. You can unlock your account straight away by requesting a new password.
expand Managing your Edexcel Online account

Once you've registered and set up your Edexcel Online account, you can create additional user accounts for your colleagues, provided you have the authorisation to do so. 
Select ‘New accounts’ from the ‘Centre accounts’ menu and provide the new user’s details, including an email address for them to use as their Edexcel Online username.

Edexcel Online usernames must be unique, so each account holder at your centre will need a different email address.
expand Specifying a user access profile

When you set up an additional account, you'll need to specify the level of access you wish the new user to have. This will involve flagging the relevant areas of functionality from the list available in the ‘User Access Profile’ section of the new accounts screen.
Each profile relates to a different area of the system. To view a description of each, hover the cursor over the relevant profile. Alternatively, access the online help system for more detailed information. 
Authority to set up new accounts requires the ‘User accounts’ profile. Users who have this access will be able to set up new users themselves but, importantly, will only be able to create new users with the same access as themselves. For example, a user who has ‘User accounts’ profile but not ‘Registrations and entries’ will be able to set up new users, but will be unable to give those new users access to ‘Registrations and entries’.
Remember, you can give a user access to specific services without giving them permission to make any changes to the system. For example, a user with only the ResultsPlus profile ticked will only be able to access ResultsPlus services and not make candidate entries or book training events.
Access to secure content on the main Edexcel website is granted on the basis of entries made at your centre, so a user does not need any specific profile, only a username and password that is associated with your centre. If absolutely necessary, you could leave all the profile boxes blank in this case.
expand Amending an existing account

You can update any existing Edexcel Online account at any time, provided you're authorised to do so. Use the ‘Search’ option within the ‘Accounts’ menu to find the account you wish to amend, and then click on that account to bring up the details. Make the changes you require and click on ‘Submit’. 
You can change details of the user’s role within the centre, their contact details, their access profile, auto-email acknowledgement triggers and their Edexcel Online email address. If you change a user’s email address, remember that the new address will replace the old one as the user’s Edexcel Online username.
You can make changes to your own account details by selecting the ‘Edit my account’ option. However, you won't be able to grant yourself access to new profiles you don't already have. You should speak to the user at your centre who controls access to the relevant service to be granted access yourself.
expand Reporting problems

If you experience a problem with Edexcel Online that you can't resolve yourself, please contact us. Try to give as much information as you can to help us resolve it for you, such as details of the menu option you were using, what you were querying and any messages that were displayed that you think are relevant.
We'll do our best to resolve your problem. However, you may need to contact IT support at your centre if we determine that the cause of the problem is not at Edexcel.
expand Feedback

We welcome any feedback you may have about the site. Perhaps you find an area difficult to use, or think that important features are missing. You may just want to let us know that you like Edexcel Online! While we may not be able to satisfy every request, it's important to us that the site is developed to meet your needs.
Please tell us what you think about Edexcel Online by emailing feedback@pearson.com.