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Partnering with Pearson

Pearson is a leading awarding organisation, offering a suite of academic and BTEC vocational qualifications in over 70 countries worldwide.
We've built a reputation as a provider of modern education solutions that help learners from all walks of life realise their full potential.Read more

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How working with Pearson will benefit you

If you're a teacher in one of our centres around the world, then these pages are for you. Here, you’ll find all the information you need to teach and deliver our qualifications with ease.

If you’re a Principal, Head of Centre or Headteacher, then these pages are for you. You’ll find straightforward information about becoming a centre, or, if you’re already one of our centres, you can find out more about all the valuable services we provide.

If you're an employer or corporate training provider, then these pages are for you. Here, you'll find information on our work-related vocational qualifications as well as our bespoke solutions for employers and training providers worldwide.

If you're an exams officer or exams manager based in one of our international centres and are delivering academic qualifications, these pages are for you. Here, you’ll find everything you need to support you in your role, including essential documents, key dates and timetables and results services.

With a global presence in more than 90 countries across the world, we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to help every country realise its ambitions. If you're part of a government, ministry or public institution, then these pages are for you.

If you're a parent and need information about us and our qualifications, including the progression opportunities available to learners, then here you can find out all about what we offer.


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