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 Convert your marks 

This page provides a link to download our mark converter and information on how you can use it to calculate your raw mark from the UMS mark printed on your results slip.

When you get your results slip, you may find that your ‘final mark’ is different from the score on your exam paper – the so-called ‘raw mark’. This is because the majority of our results are all published in UMS marks.

Find out more about raw and UMS marks.

Convert your marks

We've developed a mark converter to help you calculate your raw mark from the UMS mark published on your results slip. This will help you to see how far away you were from a particular grade.

Download our mark converter

Not sure how to use our mark converter? Watch our video tutorial below

System requirements and limitations

You'll need to have the full version of Microsoft Excel 2007 or above in order to use the mark converter. The mark converter can calculate raw marks from UMS marks for the following qualifications:

  • GCSE
  • A level
  • International A level
  • CiDA from 2012

If you don't have Excel 2007 or above, or require a raw mark for a different qualification, the exams officer at your school or college will be able to provide this information.

Download grade boundaries

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