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Always Learning
Always Learning
Training | Lead Internal Verifiers 

Centre Induction podcast

Centre Induction is a one-off training event designed to introduce Lead Internal Verifiers to online standardisation and accreditation for QCF BTEC Levels 1-3. The podcast covers quality assurance, the roles and responsibilities of Internal Verifiers and Lead Internal Verifiers, and the accreditation process. We advise all Lead Internal Verifiers to view this podcast, as it contains detailed guidance on the role.

Release of practice materials

You'll be able to access practice materials for your Principal Subject Area to use in preparation for online standardisation. These may be downloaded, printed off and shared with colleagues within your centre for standardisation and training to support your role.

Online Standardisation for Centre Assessors (OSCA) quick-start guide and video tutorials

We've produced an OSCA quick-start guide and a series of tutorial videos for Lead Internal Verifiers that demonstrate the OSCA process and give step-by-step guidance on accessing OSCA, your OSCA homepage, registering and withdrawing as a Lead Internal Verifier, accessing practice materials, and online standardisation.

To find out more,
 watch the tutorials.

BTEC training

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