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Centre roles and responsibilities | BTEC Quality Nominees  

Each Edexcel vocational centre is asked to identify a member of staff as the Quality Nominee for BTEC provision. This person is the main point of contact for information related to quality assurance. They therefore fulfil the regulatory requirement of being the key point of contact in the centre for QCF-accredited qualifications. 

Quality Nominees will receive regular information from Edexcel about all aspects of BTECs and other Edexcel qualifications, which they should share with the relevant staff in their centre. Therefore, it is very important that Quality Nominee details are kept up to date on Edexcel Online. 

We recommend that your Quality Nominee is someone with responsibility for the Edexcel BTEC curriculum, as they will be involved in monitoring and supporting staff in your centre.


The Quality Nominee should ensure that BTEC programmes are managed effectively, and actively encourage and promote good practice in your centre. They will be the main person involved with Quality Review and Development in your centre and will liaise directly with the Centre Quality Reviewer.

They will liaise with the appropriate centre and Edexcel staff to ensure that:


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  • All programmes are approved and registrations are accurate and up to date
  • All staff are aware of Edexcel requirements
  • There is an accredited Lead Internal Verifier in place for each Principal Subject Area, where required
  • Assessment and internal verification is effective on all Edexcel BTEC and vocational programmes
  • Standards Verification is completed successfully
  • Edexcel’s approval conditions and policy requirements are being implemented consistently and effectively.

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