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14 September 2012

GCSE English and GCSE English Language summer results and November resit

As a result of the concerns raised by some schools and students around this summer’s English and English Language GCSE results, awarding organisations have determined that an additional resit opportunity will be made available to students this November. The decision to offer an additional resit opportunity has been taken in partnership with our regulator, Ofqual.

Results day marks the culmination of years of hard work for students and teachers. We wish to support those who have been disappointed by the results they have received in whatever way we can, without compromising the standard of the GCSE award.

For the GCSE English suite, the summer 2012 examination series was the first cash-in opportunity. All awarding organisations had to consider the way in which the grade boundaries on individual units contributed to the overall qualification grade.

As with any qualification, it's sometimes necessary to move grade boundaries to maintain standards. This was particularly the case with the new English specifications. Looking forward, we have a responsibility to ensure that every one of our centres feels confident in that standard, and is supported in preparing their students for their next steps.

We're in the process of producing new guidance for centres explaining how grade boundaries are set. We'll shortly be writing to you to confirm arrangements for the November 2012 resit opportunity. In summary:

  • We can confirm there will be a November 2012 resit opportunity for students who certificated for GCSE English or GCSE English Language in June 2012
  • We will be offering the opportunity to enter students for the controlled assessment units and the examination unit of GCSE English and GCSE English Language (units 5EH01, 5EH2F/H, 5EH03, 5EN2F/H and 5EN03)
  • The controlled assessment tasks used in January and June 2012 will be used again in November 2012.

Summary of the arrangements for the November 2012 resits

  • Entries will be processed as normal; basedata is now available on the GCSE basedata page.
  • For November 2012, the rule that a candidate may resit each unit only once is suspended. This will be the only rule change.
  • Ofqual requires all awarding organisations to apply the 40% terminal rule.
  • In line with normal resits, controlled assessment portfolios must contain new work only.
  • We will waive the entry fee for the 2012 November series. 

Controlled assessment

Your students will have to submit new work for all of the tasks in the controlled assessment units. It is not possible to resit only Unit 1, as this would not satisfy the 40% terminal rule which we're required to uphold.
Examination unit

The pre-release Acts for the three set Shakespeare plays for GCSE English Unit 2 that are currently on the Edexcel website for the January examination are now applicable to the November examination.


If you enter students for any of the units, please remember to enter a cash-in (2EH01 or 2EN01) so that they will receive a grade.

January 2013

Centres that enter students for both series will have the opportunity to withdraw from the January series free of charge once the November results have been published.

Key dates for the November series

Last date for entries

4 October 2012

Requested sample indicated on Edexcel Online

25-26 October 2012

Last date for submission of controlled assessment marks and samples to moderators

5 November 2012

Unit 2 examination

7 November 2012 (pm)

Publication of results to examination officers and students

19 December 2012

Post-results services
The normal post-results services and fees will apply. If you put in a review of marking (EAR) request by 21 December 2012, you'll receive the results of this before the January series.
See details on how to apply for an EAR.

More information

For the latest information, check the English subject page for further updates.

If you have any questions, you can email the English Subject Advisor, Clare Haviland, at TeachingEnglish@Pearson.com.

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