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What’s happening to NVQs? 

Edexcel Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) NVQs and competence-based qualifications

This page sets out the developments for Edexcel NVQs and competence-based qualifications during 2010.

We wish to make the transition for centres from NQF NVQs to QCF NVQs as smooth and seamless as possible, while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. 

On Edexcel Online, programme information and candidate registration details relating to NQF NVQs, QCF NVQs and competence-based qualifications are accessible to approved centres under the NVQ tab.

Edexcel QCF timescales 

   The QCF is expected to be fully operational by 1 January 2011, by which time Edexcel NQF NVQs will have been migrated across as QCF NVQs

   The timelines and dates for the accreditation of the QCF NVQs are being managed by the individual SSCs

   NVQs for different sectors are being migrated across to the QCF at different times during 2010

   Edexcel NQF NVQs will not have an accredited end date beyond 31 December 2010. Certification claims may be made after this, up to the certification end date

   Any new accreditations from 1 January 2011 will have to be within the QCF

  • The latest accreditation information about Edexcel NVQs is available in the NVQ Accreditation Listing document on the Edexcel website.


NVQs from Edexcel

Making the change from the NQF to the QCF easier for you 

To ensure that the transition from NQF NVQs to QCF NVQs is as seamless as possible for you, we have put in place the following measures: 

1.  Automatic approvals: If your centre is currently approved for the NQF NVQs, you will receive automatic approval for the QCF NVQs, provided that the criteria below are met.

·    If your centre has been approved for the NVQs that have been replaced within the last six months, you will receive automatic approval for the new NVQs, as you have so recently been through the rigorous approval process.

·    If your centre was approved over six months ago for the NVQs being replaced, you will receive automatic approval for the new NVQs if you fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

i. you have registered candidates within the last two years on the replaced NVQ

ii. you have received a sanction level 2 or lower reported on the e-QRF within the last year for the replaced NVQ.

2.  Direct Claims Status (DCS): If you have had DCS conferred for the predecessor NQF NVQ, DCS will now also be conferred on the automatically approved QCF NVQ successor qualification.

3.  Ten-week rule: The 10-week rule has been removed for QCF NVQs, although we will continue to monitor the time period between registration and certification claims to prevent fraudulent or mistaken claims for certification.

4.  External Verifier allocations: To lessen the potential impact of the change to the format of the QCF specifications, you will retain the same EVs (to be renamed Standards Verifiers, or SVs, from September 1 2010) for 2010-11 as currently allocated for 2009-10. We will still attempt to rationalise these allocations to minimise the number of SVs with whom you need to interact.

The Regulatory Arrangements for the Qualifications and Credit Framework, 2008

These regulatory arrangements cover all the requirements applying to organisations operating within the QCF: the units and rules of combination that they may develop and the credits and qualifications they may award. The arrangements do not therefore rely on any other regulatory criteria or codes of practice, although the qualifications regulators may also from time to time produce requirements, information and guidance for framework users intended to support the effective regulation of the QCF and the operation of the qualifications system. Three such documents that affect the implementation of QCF NVQs are:

Edexcel QCF NVQs – Quality Assurance 

The NVQ code of practice will continue to apply to all NVQs in the NQF until their last certification end date. These NVQs will continue to be part of the NQF and therefore must meet the requirements that applied when they were accredited – The statutory regulation of external qualifications 2004 (QCA/04/1293) and the NVQ code of practice, 2006.

This means that there will be a transition period during which awarding organisations and their centres, operating in both the QCF and the NQF, are required to work with two sets of regulatory requirements – one for QCF qualifications that include 'NVQ' in their title and one for NVQs in the NQF.

In keeping with our aim of making the transition from NQF NVQs to QCF NVQs as seamless as possible, Edexcel will implement a common approach to the quality assurance of both QCF NVQs and NQF NVQs from 1 September 2010. 

Information about this approach may be found in:

 Quality Assurance for Edexcel NVQs - 2010 

Edexcel competence-based QCF provision
Edexcel QCF competence-based qualifications:

  • Describe and quantify achievement more readily
  • Use a centralised system and a unique learner number (ULN) to track each learner’s achievements
  • Offers more flexible programmes and smaller steps of achievement which may potentially increase retention and attainment
  • Enable in-house training to be recognised within a national framework.

Edexcel is working closely with the SSCs to ensure that Edexcel competence-based qualifications form a part of the Sector Qualification Strategies. We also want to ensure that competence-based qualifications and the Apprenticeship framework continue to be available to centres through Edexcel.

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