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Always Learning
Always Learning
What is the planned funding structure for QCF?
What about funding of individual units?
What impact will the QCF have on Train to Gain?
QCF Structure
What is the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF)?
Why is a new framework needed?
What were the QCF test and trials?
When will the QCF be fully up and running?
What will happen to the NQF?
What are the key differences between units in the QCF and NQF?
IT Systems
Will I need to change or update my centre MIS system?
Will a learner be able to get their credit recognised later on?
How is the learner’s achievement recorded?
What is the MIAP’s learner registration service (LRS)?
What is the Unique Learner Number (ULN)?
Who are MIAP and what do they do?
Why do centres need access to the MIAP LRS?
Why do learners need a LAR?
Do centres provide the QCF with LAR achievement data?
Will achievement on NQF qualifications be uploaded onto the LR?
What is a Learner Achievement Record (LAR) system?
How do centres get ULNs for their learners?
Can a candidate restrict access to those who need to view their learner record?
When will I need to send my Unique Learner Number (ULN) on registration of a candidate?
Operational Considerations
Where can I view units in the QCF?
What are the ‘Rules of Combination’?
Can credits gained for a unit with one awarding body be recognised by another awarding body?
Will certificates be issued for completion of just single units?
How long does a unit ‘last’ for in terms of credit transfer?
What is the difference between an Award, a Certificate and a Diploma, at each level?
Are the Assessor and Verifier (A and V) units a requirement for QCF qualifications?
Does the 10 week rule apply to QCF qualifications?
How can we find out what’s in the QCF?
Can you take a cluster of units and rename them as a qualification?
Will there be limits on currency of past credits being brought forward for new qualifications?
What’s the difference between notional learning time and guided learning hours?
Can centres offer individual units and not the full qualification?
Will the ROC allow for units to be transferred across qualifications?
Migration of NQF qualifications
Will existing NQF qualifications transfer over to the QCF?
How will qualifications be moved from the NQF to the QCF?
What will happen to NVQ qualifications in the QCF?
What happens if I submit results without having a ULN or Learner Record for my candidates?

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