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Always Learning
Always Learning
14 August 2011

Information about students accessing Results Plus early

Edexcel provides a free service for students who are able to register to collect their results online through Results Plus Direct. During our normal preparations ahead of Results Days, we test all of our computer servers, and while doing so on Saturday 13th August, we understand that part of our system was live to students who have registered in this way, if they tried to log in.

We believe that our system was accessible for a few hours on Saturday morning, and that a small number of students were able to access their results if they tried to log in.  We are investigating further to confirm this.

We are in the process of contacting schools with affected students, to whom we will offer support.  If any students have concerns, we would ask them to contact their school in the first instance, who can contact Edexcel to discuss their individual circumstances.

While we believe that no student will be unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged as a consequence, we would like to apologise to schools and students who might feel unsettled by this issue.

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